Volume 19, Issue 1 | Spring 2023
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Artist-Dealer Agreements and the Nineteenth-Century Art Market: The Case of Gustave Coûteaux
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The market for contemporary art in the second half of the nineteenth century was deeply affected by the introduction and widespread use of long-term contracts between artists and their dealers. This article examines the legal and commercial logic behind these agreements and their impact on the production, distribution, and consumption of art. It draws mainly from the uniquely preserved contracts and correspondence of the Belgian art dealer Gustave Coûteaux. The article also provides complete transcriptions of the seven successive contracts concluded between Coûteaux and his most successful artist, Henri Leys, from 1841 to 1865.
Putting Cultural Customs on the “Line”: Félix Régamey, Japonisme, and National Art Education
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During his lifetime, the French artist Félix Régamey became an accepted authority on the arts of Japan and comparative drawing pedagogy. While his admiration for Japanese cultural production has been treated in isolation from his pledge to reform French drawing instruction, his expertise in each domain converged on multiple occasions. This article maps Régamey’s ideas about Japanese methods of art making and training alongside his own goal of revising state-sanctioned drawing pedagogy in France. Recuperating Régamey’s agenda has ramifications that extend well beyond the politics of cultural exchange to art history as a disciplinary practice.
Transience and Timelessness: The Origins and Afterlife of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson
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Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson (1887–88) is his most widely reproduced bas-relief. Conceived as a souvenir of friendship, this combination of words and image became, in numerous variations, a celebrity icon, a memorial tribute, and an artistic legacy. The sculpture’s history shows how private associations can promote public interest in a life portrait and morality can alter its significance in both spheres.
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, attr., Seated Male Nude Seen from the Rear, first decade of the nineteenth century (?)
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  • Beyond Chinoiserie: Artistic Exchange between China and the West during the Late Qing Dynasty (1796–1911) edited by Petra ten-Doesschate Chu and Jennifer Milam
    Reviewed by Vanessa Alayrac-Fielding
  • Expanding Nationalisms at World’s Fairs: Identity, Diversity, and Exchange, 1851–1915 edited by David Raizman and Ethan Robey
    Reviewed by Emily C. Burns
  • VPS黑话(圈内术语)大全-免费资源网:2021-3-18 · 搭梯子/瓦皮恩/酸酸乳 出于爱国需求,利用vps一键安装ss搭建上网伋理,看外面的世界。 cn2线路 中国电信与美国日本韩国香港等地机房直连的服务器线路,速度快稳定,通常是CN2线路。 肉翻 不在中国大陆地区居住的用户。 by Peter H. Christensen
    Reviewed by Ashley Dimmig
  • The Final Spectacle: Military Painting under the Second Empire, 1855–1867 by Julia Thoma
    Reviewed by Katie Hornstein
  • Graphic Culture: Illustration and Artistic Enterprise in Paris, 1830–1848 by Jillian Lerner
    Reviewed by Patricia Mainardi
  • Gauguin by June Hargrove
    Reviewed by Belinda Thomson
  • k2p华硕固件K2P-512M_3.4.3.9-099_-1620.trx-网络设备其他 ...:2021-12-20 · 2021-10-04 立即下载 9.61MB K2P_Padavan_3.4.3.9-099_20210418.zip (fork from github)K2p A1、A2版老毛子padavan养老固件,无线驱动5.0.3,功能丰富,支持最新酸酸乳PLUS+、去广告ADguardhome、网易云灰色音乐解锁、校园网认证 by Michèle Hannoosh
    Reviewed by Beth S. Wright
  • Pre-Raphaelite Sisters
    Reviewed by Mariëlle Ekkelenkamp
  • Toulouse-Lautrec: Resolutely Modern
    Reviewed by Lauren Jimerson
  • Manet and Modern Beauty
    Reviewed by Tyler E. Ostergaard
  • Ilya Repin: The 175th Anniversary of the Artist’s Birth
    Reviewed by Andrey Shabanov
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